Artist Cooperation and Partnership

Master Mic


MASTAMIC has been the focal point of HIP HOP in the city since he started his career in 2005, As a pioneer of HIP HOP in Hong Kong, he is good at blending social lyrics with unique street colors. MASTAMIC He has been bringing new types of sound to Hong Kong music fans, and his dedication and efforts have slowly gained recognition.


He signed with CLOT MEDIA DIVISION from 2008 to 2009.
MASTAMIC has cooperated with local and overseas artists and groups for many times.
Including local RAPPER LO.J and many HIP HOP artists such as Farmer, Ouyang Jing, 24 Flavor, DJ TOMMY, DJ GALAXY, INK, CRITICAL (Sweden),

C.O.U. (Beijing), DUMDUE (Guangzhou).
C.O.U. (Beijing), DUMDUE (Guangzhou). C.O.U (Beijing)、DUMDUE (Guangzhou)。

In addition, singers from different sectors collaborate to produce music, Such as pop singers Joey Yung, Fong Hao-wen, Cheung Je-chung, Kwan Chu-yao, Chung Tat Yin R&B singer J.J. LIN, indie band TONICK and indie singer Xuan Ning. Among them, the single “Occupy” co-produced by Kwan Chu-yao was the highest and the highest ranking professional promotion champion in 903. MASTAMIC still has experience in many large stage shows, Such as sidan Red Hall CONCERT, CONCERT YY Huang Weiwen works exhibition and Zheng Xiuwen chorus and local band Wild nine CONCERT guests. Others include Edison Chen, MC HOTDOG, RUBBERBAND, Tai Chi band, and Leong Han-man. They have also been invited to Malaysia to perform with famous Taiwanese singer Cao Ge.