About us

About “Unionus 爾聯” or interpreted as “Union” + “Us”, meaning the union of a close relationship between you and me. To provide you with high quality and humanized service is the purpose of our founders to establish “Unionus爾聯”.

Our founders are registered Public Accountants, registered Public Firm/Commercial Lawyers, Senior Banking Elites and Directors of Large Financial Institutions.

Meanwhile, Unionus possesses a huge accounting and legal team with extensive experience and has handled a great number of successful cases. It aims to provide you with comprehensive protection and wholehearted professional services.


Our Team

To serve the society sincerely, with a hope to bring a little difference in the business society.

Joseph Ng

Partner/CPA (Practising)
Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Accountants
Debt restructuring specialist

Mr. Ng has been providing accounting and auditing services for major listed groups and private enterprises, as well as tax filing, auditing and debt restructuring services for employees of all walks of life in the past. With his outstanding hospitality and enthusiasm, he has handled more than 1,000 successful cases in the past few years.

Midas Ma

Director of Marketing Operations
Senior debt restructuring planner

Mr. Ma, as one of the founders, has devoted himself to providing professional and effective debt restructuring solutions for professionals in the past few years. He will provide independent advice and analysis based on the enquiries and hardship of each client. He has considerable experience in dealing with successful debt restructuring cases and has been recommended by clients on many occasions.

Gary Li

Master of Laws, Master of Accounting, MMed.Sc., M.Sc
Master of Law, Master of Accounting, Master of Science in Project Management
Honorary Legal Counsel

Lawyer Li served as a practicing barrister from 2000 to 2007, and has been a practicing lawyer since 2009. He is now the legal counsel of Unionus. His rich experience enables him to solve the problems that the clients are facing.
Main services:
  • Civil and criminal litigations,
  • Bankruptcy, IVA, DRP;
  • Winding-up of the company,
  • Arbitration and conciliation
  • Shareholder disputes,
  • Disputes over sales of goods,
  • Compulsory land and land disputes
  • Application for an injunction
  • Transportation
  • Family trusts
  • Personal injury cases
  • Tenancy and building management matters
  • Drafting various business agreements, including share purchase agreements