Large amount clearance scheme

With a combination of first-tier and second-tier financial private loans, and the need to clear credit cards and other loans, it is not difficult to imagine how horrible the added interest will be. Although a lot of people understand that a concentrated repayment can save interest and time, yet the banks do not exempt TU to apply for a large amount clearance. While the loan amount approved for easy-online exempting TU clearance is relatively small, to continue borrowing money from the second or third tier finance will only double the interest. In this case, you can choose our large amount clearing scheme to really help you solve the problem.

The following clients are suitable for the large amount clearance scheme

  • Total debts are more than 15 times their monthly salary;
  • Frequent card defaults or can only afford minimum payments;
  • Monthly contributions consist of 60% or more of income;
  • TU rating I;
  • Shorter contribution periods;
  • Debts mainly from finance companies.

A second-tier financial savior proposal

The approval procedure is simple and quick. After the successful application, all the second-tier financial contributions and external debts will be consolidated. All the second-tier debt will be paid off in one go through a reputable cooperative finance company.

Debt reduction and restructuring proposal

Clients will be evaluated of their current debt situation so as to consider a reintegration of a debt contribution plan. The centralized repayment plan can significantly reduce the interest expenses to 8-15%.

Home equity options

Develop different cash-out scenarios for different property conditions. Whether the mortgage payment of the property has been completed or the land premium is required, the cash-out loan can be used up to 80% of the evaluation of the property.

The benefits of professional clearance scheme

  • There is no restrictions on clients. We will analyze the best credit saving plan for each person in different situations;
  • The approval procedure is simple and quick;
  • Integrate all debts and pay them off centrally;
  • Exempt TU rating for clearance, improve TU credit rating within a short time;
  • Greatly reduce interest expenses and debt; easy and carefree repayment and upgrade credit rating simultaneously;
  • Offer a special repayment period of up to 36 months;
  • Fixed rate with fixed payment in order to strive for the most favorable interest rate. There are even interest concessions with no extra handling fee charges.
We are committed to providing our clients with the right solutions to tide them over the hardship, avoid bankruptcy and plan for a better future.